Introducting jQuery-i18n.js

I was working on a project that needed to have frontend localization in both English and Japanese.  I did a bunch of Google searching trying to find a good jQuery plugin that would take care of this but I couldn’t find any thing that suited my needs.  So I created one.  Actually this is the second version of this the plugin with updates and enhancements.

Introducing jquery-i18n.js.

This plugin allows for you to do client side localization/internationalization.  Once you add this plugin along with jQuery to your webpage you can then add a data-i18n=”blah” parameter your HTML element. Then the plugin will lookup the blah key in the translation file and add that value’s text to your element.

If this doesn’t make sense then see the documentation on my Github repository.  There you will find the code and all of the options, along with how to format the translation files.



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